Zatti, our brother 

The short film “Zatti, our brother” (Argentina, 2020) focuses on one of the most difficult episodes of his life.

We are in Viedma, in 1941: at the age of 60, Zatti is forced to leave the hospital he has attended for decades.

His faith and strength are tested.

Produced by the Salesian Bulletin of Argentina with the support of the Salesian provinces of Argentina, Salesians Missions (Spain) and the Salesians Don Bosco worldwide.

Available on the YouTube channel of the Salesian Bulletin.

Duration: 31 minutes. Original language: Spanish.

Dubbed into French, English, Italian and Portuguese.

Subtitles in Korean, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Slovenian. FULL HD, 2K and 4K quality

“Zatti, our brother” is the first short film about the life of the Italian-Argentinean Artemide Zatti (1880-1951), a Salesian religious, beatified in 2002.

Zatti dedicated his life to the care of the poor and sick of Viedma, Rio Negro, running one of the first hospitals in Patagonia there.
Today, the hospital in the provincial capital bears his name.

Seeing the possibility of making his figure known, the Argentinean Salesians Ricardo Campoli and Pedro Narambuena came up with the idea of making a short film on outstanding aspects of Brother Zatti’s life and spirituality.

The Rector Major of the Salesians, Don Ángel Fernández Artime, became aware of this initiative and encouraged its realization, providing great help for the production.

During 2018, Campoli, who has a degree in Production and Audiovisual studies, was giving shape to the script, while the Salesian Bulletin of Argentina, the national communication agency of Don Bosco, was in charge of the pre-production tasks.

On March 25, 2019, Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord, filming began, with a group of about fifty people made up of the Salesian Bulletin team, audiovisual medias technicians, actors and actresses.

There were moments of strong emotion at being experiencing something new for the Salesian Social Communication sector in Argentina.

This production is a motivation to know about the holiness and spirituality of Artemide Zatti, and helps us to prepare his upcoming canonization.

In the health field, his experience as a nurse and religious means a renewed look as a response to the challenging task of being attentive to the lives of others.

Part of the actors, technical team and production of “Zatti, our brother” during the last day of filming.